sinju . ajan . lit .

var . ten . ghemiat . ej . avada . ana . ananoita





Once upon a time,

 long before the world was ever considered civilized,

a fleet of UFO’s landed in the remote plains of what we now call Africa.

They were occupied by missionary scientists from the Orion Cygnus arm,

who carefully assessed the environment

and considered it suitable enough for further investigation.

They tested the soil, seeded it with new foliage

and introduced many new living creatures to the land and sea.

They cross-pollinated plants, cross-bred near extinct mammals

and inadvertently created the barbaric human race.

They returned again and again to ensure the future progress

of all their successful scientific creations.

As time marched on, humans fully trained in the art of self-preservation

by their patient alien teachers,

began to form strategic hunting societies

that eventually grew into villages, cities and countries

throughout the developing world.

To show gratitude to their big-headed mentors,

they created similar worldwide shrines, temples and artistic likenesses

to appease their alien gods from the skies.

This planet, with its divided territories continually claimed and reclaimed

through wars, bloodshed and endless sacrifice, remains to this very day,

monitored by the descendants of those visiting aliens from afar,

who gave us our fighting chance.

Grey guardians of the vast universe and of this tumultuous Earth,

we need to thank you for initiating our human existence

and to thank you even more

for wholeheartedly attempting to save us from ourselves.




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