The Ataracu people are very respective of their god, Inak Hanuk. They believe he created the universe and that he is the same god we praise on Earth and on any other intelligent world. They also believe there is a parallel universe yet to be explored, although it still only exists in legend… 



In the beginning, there was only one inhabited universe filled with beautiful worlds. It was ruled by a fair god. This god had a tiny son with developing powers, who was very busy. He wasn’t a trouble maker by choice. He had no self-control when it came to his creative endeavors. The older he became, the more elaborate his creations became. By the time he was a young future god, he had literally moved mountains, formed new rivers, split continents and drained oceans. Unfortunately, he had managed to destroy many worlds in the process. His father was angered and exiled his only son from the universe before he could cause any more damage. He decided it was best to let him create his own universe and gave him two sets of wings and a magic staff to ease his eternal journey. The staff would feed energy to his tiny wings and aid in perfecting his masterpiece. The exiled future god was now a god in his own right. His canvas was an empty black void which he would soon fill with many new worlds and suns to warm them. For a thousand years, he fluttered about, creating many suns and planets complete with evolving life forms.  After another thousand years, he grew impatient and decided it would be faster to create multiple suns all at once. This would ultimately seal his fate. As he was about to complete the final fiery suns and give all living beings wings, his magic staff became too hot to hold and he dropped it. He tried desperately to find it, but his wings soon ran out of energy and he could no longer move. He froze in place in the midst of his own universe, to become the constellation Orion. When his great magic staff fell from the heavens, it landed on the planet of Tiqur Nat Han. It hit the land with a tremendous force, creating the Mounds of Taru Taku, a mountain range containing Raudum, the same metallic crystal as the staff itself, and the river KiriKan, which runs beside the mountain range for its entire one-thousand mile length to the great Balisiasiap(ocean)of the east. The Ataracu, who had been created as ten-million warriors and guardians in the boy god’s image, as the sole protectors of his great universe, soon stumbled upon the magic staff. They had been blessed with the gift of intelligence, and although they fell short of receiving wings, quickly realized the incredible powers of the staff. This led to the invention of flying machines that would allow them to transverse the skies and beyond, to guard the kingdom of their god, who they named Inak Hanuk. Before long, they had discovered two more neighbouring worlds that had not evolved and claimed them as their own. They named them Tektu Nitar Jub and Seta Nitar Jub.

The original staff is permanently housed at the royal palace in Etuaku ej Piru, on display for visitors to admire. It is by comparison, the Holy Grail of the Ataracu.





The Ataracu, and especially their Ata Quara missionaries, are not only strong believers in reincarnation and Heaven, but appear to play some part in it through a higher connection to their god, Inak Hanuk. In the Ata Quara, special members are chosen as telepathic teachers of knowledge and wisdom. This insight is shared with selected inhabitants of various worlds whom they see fit to teach. The degree of knowledge shared depends on the disposition of the recipient and a strict code applies. All recipients/students of the Ata Quara must have lived at least one previous life(not all humans have been reincarnated to date or will be). They also have to be a higher life form to be accepted for teaching. Insects, worms, etc are not reincarnated, only procreated. During gestation of a higher life form, if a reincarnated spirit hasn’t been chosen for the fetus, a new spirit is formed by default, as the essence of the new being yet to be born. This default spirit has never been through the reincarnation process and will choose its own path, depending on the organic state of the body it occupies.

Certain intelligent animals are also reincarnated. Knowledge and wisdom they obtained in life is highly considered. Horses, and especially race horses are regularly returned, simply because of their dedication to the sport. They give their hearts to God in every race, so have earned a special place in the reincarnation process. Some get to be reborn on free ranges and never have to race for industry again, while other non-racing breeds may become show horses in movies and parades. Whale types also come back unless they kill a human form while not in captivity. The only thing that sets them apart from us intellectually, is their lack of a human voice box. Like elephants, they know all about God and the heavens above and how to navigate by the stars. In the wild they follow the guidelines and values set out for them, but we especially rob killer whales and dolphins of their freedom and families by imprisoning them in tanks for profit. They just can’t tell us in human words how they sadly miss their perfect world in the sea. The killer whales easily become heartbroken, frustrated and may eventually lash out at their captors. Bears and elephants get captured for zoos and cruel circuses or poached for their gallbladders or their ivory tusks. Other animals are often abused, neglected, enslaved with chains, caged, inhumanely slaughtered or left to suffer for needless greed or religious sacrifice. Baby seals are bashed over the head with clubs, then skinned to steal their fur for the profitable coats and hats they become. They’re murdered right in front of their mothers, who never forget the selfish, intentional cruelties of human kind. All animals who are made to suffer needlessly, forced to live and die in captivity, or are tortured to death by humans for sport, pleasure or religion, get reincarnated to free worlds and never returned to Earth.

During death, the spirit leaves the body and its dying heart and brain, all of no further use. It is directed to a waiting area in some unfathomed time-space continuum. If the body isn’t medically revived and is considered clinically dead, the spirit is assessed for its life’s doings. Seriously bad spirits who promoted atrocious crimes(not only murder) are sent to a distant place of eternal exile, where they have no ability to mingle with and influence good spirits. No spirit can be killed, only contained, but the Ata Quara can guarantee that scum like Hitler, Manson and others never personally return to repeat their past actions. Not one notorious psychopath on Earth, has ever been reincarnated. Unfortunately, the ape lineage of mankind had its issues from the very beginning. It was a hostile environment where evolution developed with a mindset of survival of the fittest, which often turned to cannibalistic greed. Our distant ancestors, although timid by nature, also carried the suppressed traits of those great surviving apes before them. These traits from our primordial past often surface in default spirits at various levels. These traits can either level out, or become full blown in uncontrollable ways. Acts of hostility will then seem normal to those committing them. Environment doesn’t always play a part either, as some children with perfect families, surroundings and educational opportunities have become serial killers etc. What drives them is that encoded instinct of survival of the fittest, embedded into the gene pool millions of years ago, from the great ape lineage of the Miocene era. Without that one defect we call the ID, humans would be a peaceful race living in perfect harmony. It is for this reason that all notoriously bad spirits have to be eventually rounded up, quarantined and never returned to Earth or any world. Only the good ones can return. Sadly, there are more default spirits born every day with the potential to become bad. This is especially true in impoverished war torn countries where violence and killing is encouraged at a young age and the promotion of hatred even becomes part of the school curriculum. These people literally live like primordial apes. They tend to form killing gangs, sometimes for survival, but often to satisfy their own need for lust, power and greed. Even other family members can be left at their mercy; brother pitted against brother, father sacrificing his own children, incest, sodomy, both males and females brutally raped, beaten or stoned to death and a new breed of female, the hostile serial killer. The list is endless. It can also happen in our so-called civilized countries and neighborhoods, without warning, justification or closure. The need for greed is the biggest downfall of humanity.

After organic death, the “not so bad” spirits are taken to a place where they will acquire more insight and learn from their past mistakes. The learning process can take anywhere from a few years to thousands of years, depending on their willingness to learn from other wiser spirits on the same journey. When the learning process is complete, a spirit will be redirected to a new fetus or in rare cases, to one newly born and about to die. That spirit enters the organic heart and brain of the designated body, to help its new mentality grow in perfect sync with the growth of the body.  A designated teacher may or may not have been assigned to a particular individual.. If problems arise and a being dies as a young child, any existing teacher is removed and given a new being to teach. The spirit may be sent to a new body when a better match becomes available. If the spirit leaving the dying child’s body is a default spirit, with no previous experience, it will have to learn from mentors in the spirit realm and won’t be reassigned until the learning process is complete. It is basically a blank slate and will first need to learn a lost lifetime of knowledge. With an older default spirit, habitual mistakes can only be corrected by gaining proper wisdom and insight.

A spirit opens the door for any assigned teacher to telepathically communicate with the mental processes of the host brain. Not all Ata Quara missionaries are teachers and not every living being is a student. Returning spirits are the good ones, because they have finally gained enough insight between their past and present spirit forms, to qualify for reincarnation. On Earth, human hosts with assigned teachers usually become gifted children who grow up to be top scientists, surgeons, etc. Some are taught so subtly that they never realize they have a teacher guiding them throughout their lives. 

According to the ata Quara, others such as Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Di Vinci and Einstein, to name a few, knew where their gifts of intelligence came from, but never told. They had a hard enough time being persecuted for their astounding discoveries, let alone talking about the alien forces guiding them. On average, less than fifty  humans are chosen as students in an Earth century. Some don’t need further teaching and are spiritually guided to become teachers themselves, in a designated field. All knowledge their spirits previously acquired is stored in the subconscious mind, where it can be called upon and put to use for the good of the world they occupy. Sometimes that knowledge backfires, as with Einstein’s contribution to the atomic bomb. His good intentions were turned against him to cause great pain and suffering of innocent people in WWII Japan.  Einstein has yet to return. When he does, say the Ata Quara, we will recognize him, even as a child. His personality traits and ingenuity will be unmistakable.

There is also a clause that allows students to deny their guided intelligence and ‘fire’ their Ata Quara teachers. Nobody is forced to learn, but they may not follow the path they were intended for in their new life. If any default spirit were to turn against the new host mentality and cause it to become bad, the next return could be held off for thousands of years. If it were to promote any form of deviant, sadistic violence, it’s chance of further reincarnation will be forfeited and it will be sent to eternal exile. This law has no exceptions.

The Ata Quara’s short term goal for Earth is to ensure we don’t blow up our little planet, as the aftermath will cause a chain reaction, severely effecting other worlds. They want to teach us how to live in peace and harmony with each other so we can begin a serious healing process and remove all denial, mistrust, anger, fear and hatred. The same goes for their own worlds, as they continually process  any remaining anger, especially from the female population. Their long term goal is to eventually weed out all  intentionally bad beings, most of which are found here on Earth, through spiritual selection, which will ultimately result in only goodness and peace on a daily basis. The good ones will then be saved near the end of their  world’s  life cycle, and placed in pristine worlds of great beauty and abundance, discovered long ago by The Ata Quara. These worlds will not be burdened with the past mistakes of Earth and will be fairly ruled by a great king of Atara Niri descent. The universal dream of the Ata Quara will be complete and we all will be granted eternal life in a perfect existence, free from pain and suffering.





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