We are the Ata Quara and we come in peace from a “there a way” place, the Great Atara Niri, the home of the Ataracu and the ones we love.


I may be far from you my children, but I think of you forever. Rivers, mountains and blue skies, this land is filled with much happiness. On this night the East sun is up. The West suns will sleep, but the moons will light my way, because it is my Ataracu dream.


The horses of Seta Nitar Jub do run so wild and free. Hear loud hooves in the distance, paced by the fear in their eyes. They must find  good shelter from all the thunder and rain, in the safety of the forest, and there beneath a bended tree, where one will give “birthing” tonight; another baby horse for Seta Nitar Jub.


I will play my Ghidalan(flute). It is so pretty. There on the hill, the wolf is calling to moon. I will play a new qijad(sitar type instrument). See the flowers dance while the eagles will fly today.


I am happy to be here.


She is a pretty baby.


He is not a rich ‘man’ but he is a rich spirit.


I will give you all my food if it will make you better.


This is how I learned to love the Ataracu.


She does miss him very much.


When I was young I dreamed of the day that he would come to me.


Follow me to the pond and we will jump in together.


He is a very old Atarac. His ugliness makes the children run away.


The strong lion killed the little deer.


It will be a happy day.


The East sun is very warm on our faces.


I will bring my jivana when I go to the oceanside to gather shells.


There is an angry forest bear near the bridge.


We all must run away fast.


It is coming. Run now!




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