The Visitors

Grey Alien missionaries from the Orion Cygnus Arm, in our very own Milky Way


have been monitoring Earth.

Their sole mission is to teach us good.

The aliens have incredible insight in healing, technology and science,

unheard of in modern human existence.

They can show us peace and harmony, end wars and bloodshed, pain and suffering.

They have all we would ever need to ensure our future,

but our immediate wants become prioritized over our long-term needs.

We think we have the power in our hands to continue on our own,

as the self-appointed masters of our haphazard progress.

We don’t even come close to what the Grey Alien race has accomplished.

We tend to build a ticking time bomb of our Earth and without intervention,

we will ultimately bury ourselves in the fallout.

There may come a day when all we had taken for granted will falter and fail.

The ways of our survivalist ancestors will be long gone.

The fledglings won’t have a clue how to live

without the convenient birthrights of their high tech generation.

The peaceful guardians from beyond can help us follow a path

filled with future promise,

but we would likely destroy them as well.

So much blind speculation and unproven theory has spread

as to who the Greys really are

and what they are all about.

We mainly choose to portray them as evil manipulators hell bent on destroying us,

partly because our collective instinct thrives on the thrill of the hunt

and the attention of the drama.

The more sensational we make it, the more real it seems,

until the entire human collective is convinced of its fabricated truth

and we can all share in the anticipated victory.

Who are we really fighting but ourselves?

The purpose of this website is to offer you a chance to get to know the Ataracu,

the real grey alien race

and their benevolent missionaries, the Ata Quara.

You can decide for yourself

if we should let them land to share their wisdom, skills and values

or promptly blast them with our weapons of mass destruction.

They have absolutely no rights here because they are neither man nor beast,

which makes them legal bounty, even in our so-called civilized nations.

Could we or would we change our laws to keep them safe

if they did approach to teach us?

They come here in peace.

Will they die in vain at the hands of human injustice?

You are invited to enter into a whole new realm of possibility

filled with harmless alien intentions for the good of Earth and all worlds.





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